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By Cleaning Green

We have been serving Palm Beach & Broward County since 2012, giving busy American homeowners a reliable, professional, affordable solution to keep a clean house.

American workers are among the most productive in the entire world. Dual-income families are a fixture, and so are work weeks and commutes that stretch beyond 40 hours into nights and weekends. Kids have homework, gymnastics, band practice, soccer practice, rehearsals….

Working most commonly on a weekly or alternative-weekly schedule, gives individuals and families clean, comfortable homes to return to and enjoy—homes that are cleaned according to your individual wishes and that are backed by a 24 hour satisfaction guarantee.

We supports nationwide efforts for a healthier, more environmentally-friendly world. For us, green house cleaning is an extension of what we already do on a daily basis—safeguard families.

Using green home cleaning business practices makes sense to us because it protects our residential maids, our customers, and our planet. We’re proud to share green home cleaning tips and practices that help our communities

Our maid service offer green house cleaning products without alcohol, ammonia, petroleum or other toxins, The Green Cleaning Concept supports established business practices that also promote a healthy environment. We know these small steps—reusing bottles, reducing product waste, optimizing routes to increase efficiency on the road and so on—collectively make a big difference.